This is a list of my works. These works include my Lego creations and my movie projects. These projects inculde my spaceships such as the L-78 as well as my town sets.

Movies and Stories

Courage (Courage Development Project, CDP)

Courage LogoCourage (COUЯΛGE) is an ongoing movie and story project since 2008. Set in the year 1978, a man named Alex Banister fought his courage against an alien invasion in Los Angeles. More info...

The Robot Man (Cyborg Story and Movie Development Project)

The Robot Man is an ongoing project since 2004. Set in the early 1990s, a cyborg program has been developed for the US government with a former FBI agent turn into a cyborg.


Lego Space Project

The Lego space project is based on the orginal classic space from 1978 to 1987. The project revolves about a space marine who would become eventully captain of the small starship in the 25th century.

The L-70 Series

The L-70 series is a space project that is part of the LEGO space mocs.


Lego Sets and Parts Database Project (LSPDB)

The Lego Sets and Parts Database is proposed project to keep track of real sets and parts.

Education Database (EDUDB)