Courage is a Lego movie project. This movie will feature as sci-fi genre. This movie will set as a main character Alex from England who will become Courage after an invasion of Los Angeles.

This project was orginally started back since June 2008 as a crime film. This project could be renamed to Fortitude as a working title.

The project is not part of Courage the Cowardly Dog, a Cartoon Network series and character created by John R. Dilworth. A trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment. This project is not part of the show in any way.


Set in the year 1978 in Los Angeles, a English student named Alex Banister fought against an alien invasion in California, after a UFO crashed in the Mojave desert.


The word courage orginates from its emotion as it old word in french. Courage translates fortitude in French.


This is a list of characters for the Courage movie.

The Banister Family

  • Alex Banister – English College Student, a man would later become Courage
  • Henry Banister – Alex’s father, English professor
  • Elizabeth Banister – Alex’s mother, wife of Henry Banister, English doctor

Main characters

  • Dr. Allen Stein – Scientist
  • Dr. Ron Bergman – PHD, Scientist
  • Harry McGowan – Reporter
  • Sandra Lister – Female Reporter
  • Lord Gideon – Alien captain, leader of the Gideon race
  • Aryeh – Alien commander, leader of the Zion race
  • Gabriel – Archangel, healer, meaning god is my strengh in hebrew


Models for the Courage movie will be here sometime in the future. These models will be built through LDraw programs and to be rendered in CGI in POV-Ray.

Alternate titles

  • Bravery
  • Fortitude