Robot Man

The Robot Man is my Lego movie project since 2004. Originally it was scheduled to be released in April 2004 but did not get completed due to slow work. Then in 2008-2009, I resumed the Lego film using Stop Motion Pro. The film was was scheduled to be released in the fall of 2009, but I did not get it completed then. The Robot Man is currently on hold with script writing and concepts in development. The project is not intended to copy from the Terminator and RoboCop and not to be confused with the DC Comics character from the Doom Patrol and the comic strip.


Set in the year 1991, in the city of Albany, New York State, a former CIA agent and FBI agent named David Gambi who was taken into the hospital and dies after being secretly injected with cyanide.  Gambi's body was taken into the secret laboratory, the Adirondack Research Faculty, north of Glen Falls, New York which is owned by the megacorpration called CyberTech Corporation. He was turned into a super-powerful cyborg then frozen and put  in the cryo-freezer. Two years later, the research team had planned to activate the cyborg for the first time. Unknown to them, the robots go out-of control and plan to blow the facility up. It's up to David Gambi, aka Robot Man, to stop all the robots before they nuke New York City.


The script is in progress as of 2017. The concepts, image gallery, and models will be here soon.