Courage Characters

This is a list of characters for the Courage movie.

The Banister Family

Alex Banister


Alex Banister (born 16 August 1945) is an English College Student, a man would later become Courage.

Alex's Parents

  • Henry Banister – Alex’s father, English professor
  • Theresa Mary Elizabeth Banister – Alex’s mother, wife of Henry Banister, English doctor

Main characters

  • Dr. Allen Stein – Scientist
  • Dr. Ron Bergman – PHD, Scientist
  • Harry McGowan – Reporter
  • Sandra Lister – Female Reporter
  • Lord Gideon – Alien captain, leader of the Gideon race
  • Aryeh – Alien commander, leader of the Zion race
  • Gabriel – Archangel, healer, meaning god is my strengh in hebrew