About Us

About Us

For those who are wondering, no, there is not a real Legosville, except in my son's imagination. He has been building with Lego pretty seriously for many years and it finally culminated in a town in our patio room. He has also wanted his own web site, so I thought I would help him out by setting one up and documenting some of his stories and such about Legosville. We're not selling anything, proposing anything or anything else in an attempt to get money, time or materials from you, this is just a family project that happens to be hanging out on the web.

As an extra note, this site isn't associated with the company Lego and recognizes Lego as a copyrighted, trademarked and otherwise protected term that we have no intention of competing with, putting down or causing problems with.

Tamara a.k.a Sablewing