These are my pictures of the X-77. These pictures where taken in 2003 from the Nikon Coolpix 900 camera after my X-78 was built.

Presenting the X-77

Note: The X77 looks like a model I was building since I was a kid back in 1999. Then in 2001, I started to build Legosville. Then in 2002 I started to build the X78. At last, my X78 model was completed and I added a medical bay, escape pods, solo explorer 2, the polo lander, a spiff craft and a corridor in the X78. I also built a solo satellite for the X78, another smaller ship. And then, actually, I put in all of the doors in 2003 in the X78 and an elevator shaft. In April 2003, I started to build the X77. It will be completed in October of 2003. That's all.

X77 Under Construction 1X77 Under Construction 1

X77 Under Construction 3X77 Under Construction 3

X77 Under Construction BridgeX77 Under Construction Bridge

X77 Under Construction Level 3X77 Under Construction Level 3